Three Ways that We Understand Life Better at the Movies

If you enjoy watching films, you can use the experience to achieve more wisdom in how you approach your life.

We understand life better when we watch a movie.

First we understand the importance of the challenging mix of life within the motion picture, that the difficulties, struggles and even suffering all determine the meaning of the entire plot.

Without the difficulty, it’s only half a story.

Second, we view each approaching moment expectantly, anticipating every frame as an opportunity for discovery, insight, and new direction.

Third, we have the awareness that the entire presentation may shift in less than a second, and we position ourselves in readiness for that.

Of course, one of the differences between a film and our lives is that the former receives extensive editing in order to present only the most dramatic moments in the most emotionally moving manner.

Balancing that out, though, is the greatest difference between the two.

Our lives are really happening to us, without retakes or substitute endings.

This perspective can change both how you watch movies and how you live your life.

Watching movies can become part of your training for fuller awareness and enriched experiences after you finish watching and resume living.

Such awareness throughout your life can provide you with vibrant, attentive readiness for each next moment.

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  1. Krista Says:

    Great points made. I love this. Definitely makes sense.

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