Do You Have an Inner Jeer-leader?

Would you like a quick readout on what you gathered from your treatment by others when you were growing up?

The sum and balance of all the childhood messages you received is revealed by their results in your automatic self-talk:

Some of us have an inner-cheerleader and others have an inner-jeer-leader.

The past is otherwise over, and its major impact today shows up in terms of which of these voices prompts you along your way.

Is your inner voice encouraging or discouraging?

Is it productive to change or destructive to your goals?

Or, is it a mix of both?

This outcome is the biggest difference between those who had predominantly supportive childhoods versus mostly hindering childhoods.

This is very good news.

The best part of correctly identifying these voices is understanding that, whichever inner voice or voices you have, they are just recordings.

You cannot erase them, but you can learn to substitute a better recording.

With practice a new voice becomes automatic, too.

If you want to locate a way to produce this better recording, find it in how you encourage others.

Then, start to offer it to yourself. On the other hand, if you do not yet encourage others, you can start now.

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