Let the Sun Shine Out!

Let the sun shine out!

Your  best moments aren’t just good moods.

They  aren’t just flukes.

Your best moments are  times when you are who you really are  when you clear away what gets in the way.

To help understand this concept, think of the following analogy: clouds can sometimes  thoroughly block the sun.

They don’t change the sun in any way.

When the clouds dissipate, we do not question how the sun re-appears.

It was there all along.

We are grateful, nonetheless, that it is now free to shine through to us.

Our innate gifts are similar, yet instead they shine out from us.

As another analogy, imagine that you know how to recognize minerals and that you go exploring on a mountain.

Along the journey, you spot many metallic ores woven through the mountain.

Perhaps later, you want to locate some copper, or silver, or gold.

You may not recall exactly where you spotted them, but you still recollect that you did.

You saw the ore… the mountain is still standing… therefore,  the resource must still be available.

You can go looking for the metal you desire, confident that you had seen it and more surefooted because you have some idea about where you traveled when you last located it.

Click here for an exercise to explore your own resources more effectively.
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