About Dr. Rick Blum

Dr. Rick Blum is a licensed psychologist in the state of Connecticut, enjoying a full-time psychotherapy practice since opening his West Hartford office in 1986. A graduate of Brandeis University, he earned advanced degrees at the University of Iowa, Syracuse University, and Saybrook Institute. Saybrook, founded by luminaries such as Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers, and with historic faculty such as Rollo May and Sam Keen, is the leading graduate institute in the field of humanistic psychology. Finishing his doctorate there, Dr. Rick Blum went on to academically rank in the top ten percent of Ph.D.s taking the national licensing exam. He also distinguished himself in his private practice, earning a reputation for remarkable results that allowed him to be one of the few psychologists with a brimming schedule without entering any managed care panels.

For many years, Dr. Blum has been teaching others what his years of experience have taught him. He was the director of the Change Agents Training Institute for ten years, providing joint Masters degrees with Fairfield University, and later with Vermont College of Norwich University. He was also a field internship supervisor for Antioch/New England Graduate School.

His workshops and seminars have included an exciting range of settings. For example, he set up the emergency performance program of the San Francisco Police Department. Similarly, he consulted to the Power Authority of the State of New York, the GNA Supercuts franchise chain, and Homecraft Industries. His research has been published through Oak Ridge National Lab, Syracuse University, the American Nuclear Society, the Designed Change Institute, and the Peace Officer Standard and Training Commission of California.

He is also a volunteer team member of Connecticut’s Disaster Behavioral Health Response Network (CT-DBHRN).