How to Become Unstoppable

Every experience you have can become useful.

You can insist on this, as a promise to yourself.

Enjoy the pleasure and use the pain.

Everyone’s future will include both joy and sorrow, no matter what we do.

Even if we make the best choices, we will become hurt sometimes.

Even when we sabotage our lives, we will occasionally come out okay.

Still, our efforts do set the odds more in our favor, just without guarantees.

So, it would be better to prepare to handle both what feels good and what feels bad.

Most of us know what we would like to do with happy occurrences – we want to enjoy them.

Sometimes this enjoyment is hindered by wondering if we deserve good times.

If fact, we may have been somewhat lucky.

So what? Lucky is good too.

If you have trouble feeling worthy when events swing your way, then use your good fortune to benefit others as well as yourself.

Make something with it that you can be proud of.

Another hindrance to feeling good is what I call “the big fist theory.”

It goes like this: there is an invisible but big fist over your head, waiting for you to enjoy yourself.

As soon as you do, it will pounce on you.

This is the result of noticing that bad things follow good things, but it is not usually because of the good things.

It is just the way of things – only part of our outcomes are in our hands.

This brings us to the subject of painful events.

The similarity between both pleasure and pain is that they both result in motivation.

Motive, motivation, emotion, motion – notice how these sound alike?

Pain is even more potent than pleasure in this regard.

The solution to involuntary change is voluntary change.

I once heard, “When the pain of where I am exceeds the fear of where I am going, then I’ll move!”

Physical pain makes us move to avoid injury.

Emotional pain urges us to move to improve our lives.

For this reason, overuse of distractions robs the opportunity of the feelings they help us avoid.

Trust your emotional equipment.

A painful state in your brain is the push the prompts you to gain.

It will diminish when you heed its message that this is a time to grow.

Accordingly, if you can leverage the pain of life to extract a benefit from it, then nothing can stop you.

Realizing this does not render trouble as desirable, but it does make you unstoppable.

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